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About Carelife

A simple concept!

Every day, we unconsciously recommend things that we liked or are simply thrilled with. Only for this "advertising" we get no remuneration.

Carelife is supporting and advising. The products are brought directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. Money spent on traditional sales, marketing and advertising sales methods is instead paid to those who bring more people to use the products. The recommending customers are rewarded fairly and performance-related. Thus, the customer participates permanently and directly in the turnover of the company. The concept of our manufacturer has received the Best Business Award in a row and the Company with Heart Award.

Your advantages


  • As a customer, you benefit from the option of purchasing products of the highest quality directly from the manufacturer; without intermediary and consultant
  • Through classic word of mouth propaganda, you refinance your personal consumption
  • Thus, you can build a stable long-term income without costs, without pre-financing and without obligations

How did Carelife come about?

Mirjam Kraushaar

  • Mirjam Kraushaar

At the age of 43, not having to work anymore but still wanting to. Free and independent with fun and joy! My name is Mirjam K., 43 years old, mother of two children and I was self-employed for 20 years in a family business, with about 35 employees. Self-employment, which means self and constantly. Because I have a very strong need for security and independence, this unique, extraordinary, yet so simple opportunity with Carelife (the genius is always simple) came to me very easily. Furthermore, I enjoy the chance here compared to the classical independence, to work with people in freedom together, more specifically to build a project of unimagined size. This goal I had achieved with this concept after 1 ½ years and can now look back on more than 40 000 successful partners both nationally and internationally. It is clearly about freedom, not about having to start each month anew. Because I was very aware of the value of time from the beginning. I would like to pass this opportunity on too many people without any investment or risk. Informative entrepreneur meetings, in our region, take place at regular intervals. Specifically, I would like to expand internationally especially with this project as soon as possible.

In this spirit, With love, Mirjam Kraushaar

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