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Pure nature for our skin

Beauty and health are inseparable. More and more people have a principle: What you cannot eat does not belong on the skin! Most traditional beauty products contain petroleum-based ingredients and countless chemicals. When plant-based ingredients are present, they are usually treated with pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. Many of these substances are even toxic to the body and are associated with the development of serious illnesses. Artificial sun protection factors increase the risk of cancer, especially in direct sunlight. More and more women rightly ask themselves: why should you apply such a thing on your skin??

A good cosmetic can do away with more than just the toxic ingredients. The Carelife Care range is naturally innovative.

  • Free of toxins
  • Free of pollutants
  • Free from animal experiments
  • Free of parabens
  • Free of silicones
  • Free from paraffin's
  • Free from paraffin's

Full of natural antioxidants and thus real anti-aging of acai berry and rosehip, nourishing Argan oil and aloe Vera, soothing chamomile, natural sunscreen of coconut oil; and instead of artificial fragrances ginger and oranges are used. Just natural for a good feeling. All products work together synergistically.

Parabens, silicones and paraffin's are all toxins that penetrate the intercellular spaces and thus represent a major burden on our entire metabolism. If you want to support the skin structure, so the epidermis must be built and protected to allow a healthy and beautiful skin. Where we can supply ourselves with 80% of micronutrients from the inside, the other 20% are now also possible to supply from the outside - an all-round 100% micronutrient supply and care.

Carelife, the complete 100% care for inside and outside.

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