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We connect people to create synergies

From person to person

This concept is used to build a cross-industry network. People who probably never met, now spend time together. It creates friendships, collaborations, business relationships and all this on a platform that can help other people. Everyone is part of the whole and can contribute their strengths to our team. We create space to think bigger and help people think outside the box.

Your options:

  • Form new networks
  • Get to know interesting people
  • Visit events nationwide (Germany-Austria-Switzerland))
  • Personal development and advancement opportunities
  • Team trips with top speakers 1-2 times a year
  • Synergy benefits in your company

Our team of experts is our unique selling point. The diversity of the partners creates versatile opportunities for personal development and further education. The person is our focus. Become a part of our community.

The 4 success factors

Company / Products / Team / You yourself

Our strong partners have achieved

  • Best New Business Award in a row
  • Company with Heart Award 2017
  • Long-standing company history until 1936
  • Conservative but innovative leadership> no leverage
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Low start investment (about 65 € / 80Chf/£40)


  • Cooperation with a unique manufacturer with worldwide unique selling point
  • Many products have multiple awards
  • The main researcher is board certified in 5 specialist areas
  • Synergy effect by combining certain substances 1 + 1 = 11
  • Patented plant fiber base = almost 100% bioavailability
  • Gentle production - cold manufacturing process
  • Products containing studied raw materials winning the Nobel Prize


  • Europe - represented worldwide
  • Over 100 doctors and health professionals in our team of experts
  • 15 years' experience with the products
  • Authors of important books as contact persons
  • The original Carelife cure 2011 emerged in this team
  • Regular events and training courses (free / cost-covering)
  • Personality Development - Seminars

About you

  • Is it interesting to you?
  • An investment in your health
  • What should I do? Test - be enthusiastic - recommend
  • Give this opportunity 1-year time
  • Willingness to look at everything

Look what can you recommend:

  • Treatment possibilities
  • The concept and the synergies
  • Our personal development opportunities and our team

Our meetings & events:

Team meetings
Monthly nationwide in Germany / Switzerland / Austria
Team trips
Germany / Switzerland / England / Mallorca / Malta / USA
Team culture
All our meetings and events are free or cost-covering
Nationwide training center's: Pfalz / Bavaria / Lake Constance / Switzerland / Leipzig / Berlin
Become a competence partner in your region
Top Speaker
At team events such as

  • 2015 Mallorca with Alexander Wolf
  • 2016 Mallorca with Dieter Lange
  • 2016 Mallorca with Alexander Hartmann
  • 2016 Teamtreffen with Schwarz and Schwarz
  • 2017 Frankfurt with Tobias Beck

Our current dates and events can be found on our Facebook page

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